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Zyla Costley 3B Class of 2021

#99 Zyla Costley


Gary & Alicia Costley
(916) 997-7740

Player Statement:

Softball is my number one passion and my ultimate goal is to play softball at the college level! I strive for success both athletically and academically.  I am self motivated, hard working, and a team player.  I am an honor student at Inderkum High School and play Varsity Softball and Varsity Water Polo. I chose softball as my number one sport because I believe this game is a reflection of life. Softball has helped my prepare for life through competition, dedication, teamwork, success, and failure. What I love about softball is that it is skill over talent--the more you work on your skill the better the result. My motor is unmatched and I am dedicated to master my craft--softball!

Zyla Costley Skills Video